The science and technology-Smart garbage collection terminal system

The science and technology-Internet of things for the convenience of intelligent equipment manufacturing solutions experts

The introduction of science and technology

Zhejiang - communication technology co., LTD,简称“The science and technology”The specialty is engaged in system integration and software development of related products、Development and manufacturing。Committed to the zhejiang region radiation throughout the country,The main products vending machine、Mini vending machine、No convenience store、Mobile phone charging stations、For the convenience of self-service terminals、Self-help to sell CARDS/The ticket machine、Intelligence is the bus stop、Queue management system、Multimedia digital signature and the hospital intelligent self-service equipment。In the company2009Year by the national ministry of science and technology identified as national high and new technology enterprise、2010Years is evaluated10BigITEnterprise、2011As a representative of the information service in wenzhou,The conference was invited to zhejiang province service development。Currently served China's space、Beijing Olympic Games、The Shanghai expo、China Mobil、China Teleco、Agricultural bank of China and other famous customers10000More than。Ten years we are always at a higher goals for themselves,Improve their own management model and improve the ability of technology research and development,Promote the development of China's Internet。

National high and new technology enterprise
Independent research and development enterprise
A strong technical team
18Years of work experience
Smart garbage collection
48Aisle refrigeration screw ark
Hotel rooms dedicated mini vending machine
Mini vending machine
Sweep code grid cabinet
The pass24Hours self-service convenience store
The mobile phone charging station
Electricity payment machine
Wall power payment machine
The lottery machine
Mobile phone charging stations
Automatic calling distributor
Product advantage
No one buffet, super

The entire vending,Reduce the cost of open a shop,Cover a variety of payment,The background unified management terminal,Data synchronization with online stores trading。

The vending machine

Sales situation real-time monitoring,Powerful data operation management platform,A variety of payment code,Emergency alarm function。

Smart garbage collection terminal system

Garbage classification based on the technology of Internet of things intelligent system,Provide garbage,Integral to exchange, and other functions。

For the convenience of self-service terminals

Applied to the bank,Telecom,The community,Super,Hotel buffet for the convenience of terminal, etc,To provide customized solutions

Self-help to sell CARDS/The ticket machine

The sales ticket、The lottery、All-in-one tickets, etc,A variety of payment code

Queue management system

Intelligent queuing management system,To adapt to a variety of processes and the hall layout,Create relaxed line environment

Case of cooperation
No one store
No one store

He unattended store offers a full range of hardware and software technical support,Consumers can get through it“Sweep the code into the shop——Self-service shopping——Identify and settlement——Mobile payment”Four steps, All will be able to finish in unattended store shopping process。

Hotel mini vending machine
Hotel mini vending machine

He provides the province space、Save time、Protect privacy、Low cost、Entertainment retail the vending machines in every hotel chain hotel。 Its new economic model、Operating costs low、Investment risk is very small、The characteristics of the high rate of return popular with customers love hotel industry。

Intelligent terminal system garbage classification
Intelligent terminal system garbage classification

He technology offers a variety of intelligent terminal system garbage classification,Terminal including man-machine touch、Face recognition、Member code identification。Support for binary classification、Three classification garbage、Four categories, such as a variety of combinations,And cooperate with campus card and docking,The launch of the moral education system。

The card vending machine
The card vending machine

Through cooperation with wenzhou citizen CARDS,On the basis of the basic function of the original vending machine,Increase support for citizen card brush calorie of consumption function,Provide citizens convenient。

Agricultural bank code and purchasing
Agricultural bank code shopping

The science and technology cooperation with agricultural bank of China,Using ABC palm silver code payment functions,Combined with a variety of grid cabinet form,To promote agricultural bank business,In addition to this,And the coffee machine,Clip doll machine,Washing machine such as the expansion of our business cooperation。

China resources gas payment machine
China resources gas payment machine

He science and technology to China resources gas custom self-service gas payment machine,And in the customer service center24Acclaimed hour business hall。Bring the convenience and at the same time,Also to enhance the enterprise's image。

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