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Changsha pump factoryBrandLong shaft submerged pumpHunan made known better machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Headquarters is located in hunan province xiangyin hunan industrial park。Companies in the original JiXieTing and chemical hall double the jurisdiction of the state-owned water pump factory(Haley pump industry)On the basis of restructuring、Restructuring。Company registered in the administration for industry and commerce of hunan province。Hunan machinery manufacturing co., LTD.; focus on the pumps、Mine、The advantage of traditional chemical machinery and other machinery manufacturing,And keep pace with The Times,Relying on talent advantage,Research and development of the mines、Water and electricity、Electric power industry such as alarm、Early warning and automatic control system,This series of products fill the blank of the domestic and exported to all over the world。Company has now completed the first phase of XiangYin manufacturing base。The first phase of the new plant covers an area of100m,Standard factory building area of steel structure1.4Million square meters,Has the most advanced new equipment667Taiwan(Sets),Modern testing center to test the pump diameter2.2M,Dynamic balancing rotor radius1.6M,The net weight5T。Our company is a professional water pump manufacturer,Products are widely used in city、Petroleum chemical industry、Sewage treatment、Building、Fire andOEMSuch as the market。Company main products are:Of eat hutch garbage leachate treatment pump、Vertical long axis pump、HSeries of right Angle gear box,Liquid infiltration filtrate sewage pump、Small machine condensate pump(Type condensate pump)、Double suction pump in the open、Solar slurry pump、Self-priming centrifugal pump、Standard centrifugal pump、Submersible pump、The pump complete sets of equipment and fire control unit。Our company produces high quality water pump,Products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions all over the world,Has strong influence in the field of sewage pump production。The company has always been adhering to the spirit of the best,Committed to providing customers with high quality、High performance water pump product。 ……

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Vertical pumps-Hunan famous long vertical shaft submerged pump/Of eat hutch garbage leachate treatment slurry pump/HSeries of right Angle gear box manufacturers,Strength to witness the future!

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